How to get designer handbags for half the price

Learn how to get designer handbags for half the price so you can look like your favorite celebs without going broke ... photo by CC user classicchanelhandbags on Flickr

With a new year upon us, you have taken a good look through your wardrobe and you have decided that a number of pieces are in dire need of an update. One of those accessories includes your current handbag, which has certainly seen better days, as it is so ragged that you can’t pull off even the poor chic look with it anymore.

You need a new piece to complete your outfit for when you head out on the town, whether it be for a high-powered business meeting or a night of dinner, drinks and dancing. By following the three tips outlined below, you can avoid emptying your bank account by getting designer handbags for half the price.

1) Buy last year’s model

When the clearance sales for last year’s model of Chanel or Gucci begin, it is the perfect time for you to strike. Don’t be hesitant to be seen in the shops – the kind of people that would ridicule you for not being in season are not the type of people you should count as your friends. You’ll still look fabulous, and 99% of people won’t know or care about you having last year’s handbag on your shoulder.

2) Go on a second hand safari

If the sales prices at these boutiques are still giving you a serious case of sticker shock, it’s time for you to put on your Tilley hat and go on a second hand safari. By combing through thrift stores like Goodwill, Value Village (in Canada), and other mom and pop consignment shops, you’ll run into treasures that you’d never expect to find.

By showing up first thing in the morning to stores that are in relatively affluent areas, you’ll get the pick of the litter, and in doing so, your chances of coming across an extravagant donation like a Louis Vuitton bag increase.

3) Use coupon codes to buy them online

Let’s face it though – trying to find a legit brand name bag in a consignment shop is likely trying to find an oasis in the Sahara Desert without a map. They are out there, but your chances of happening upon one by happenstance aren’t good, to say the least.

However, the internet has changed the game when it comes to tracking down discounted luxury goods. In the present, anybody can go to a coupon code site, find one that corresponds to the brand of their choice, and then use it to save money on designer handbags. It really is that simple!