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3 Things That Can Dampen Your Career

How many years have you worked on perfecting your career? Whether it is a short or a long period of time, that last thing you’d want to do is place your career in jeopardy. So, could you be doing one or more things that will jeopardize your career now or not too far down the road? Is Your Career in Trouble? When looking at actions on your part that can jeopardize all you have worked for, keep these in mind: 1. Notable gaffes at work – The fear more times than not in messing

How to Organize a Group Tour

Are you in charge of running a group and you need to get them from one city to another for a group tour? If you take your responsibilities seriously, this can be quite a job. You will need to definitely do some planning and get lots of things set long before you hit the road. If this is not your forte and you don’t know where to start, you are in luck. Because whether you're planning a group tour for your class, sports team, church group, or extended family, this post will outline what you

Tips on Hiring a Lawyer for Your Injury Case

If you're reading this, you've most likely just found yourself in a not so pleasant situation of getting hurt due to someone else's wrongdoing or carelessness and now you're in need of a good personal injury lawyer. Though seeking out professional representation is rarely ever considered a fun activity, hiring a lawyer is a must do in a situation like this. Luckily, there are great personal injury lawyers at every turn, making the process of hiring one a little bit easier.

What is a personal

Tips for finding a job as a lawyer

So you just graduated law school? Well, congratulations, I'm sure it wasn't easy but there is still one last thing to do with that law degree and that is to get a job. Though it is a highly competitive field, don't fear, we are here to help. Here are some tips for finding a job as a lawyer.

Like most industries networking is crucial to finding a job as a lawyer. The law field even more than other industries, can very much be a who knows who game.  Social media makes this easier than