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Urban Adventures: Memphis Tennessee

  Memphis no doubt, is a large city but it feels unique and eclectic because of its musical charms. With the backdrop of the Mississippi River and some cool music playing in the background, what could be sweeter? The city also sports the Graceland, the mansion where Elvis Presley lived during his later years. Some consider Memphis as the home of blues music. Before you think about hopping to the next fastest jet, be sure to prepare your ESTA Visa for your smooth US travel experience. Once you

Exploring The Top Reasons To Visit The Galapagos Islands

We’ve all heard of the group of islands off the west coast of Ecuador and its unique and diverse flora and fauna, so satisfying our curiosity one of the top reasons to visit the Galapagos Islands. We’ve seen it in National Geographic and the Discovery Channel and we have already associated this group of islands with Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. In addition to whatever reasons we may have for travelling to Ecuador to visit this archipelago, here are some of the top reasons to