5 Tips To Surviving Long-Term Power Outages

Long-term power outages require you to prepare in advance and have the necessary supplies rather than waiting until right before a big storm to buy what you need. Here are 5 tips on how to survive long-term power outages:

1. Stay Connected

Have a battery-powered or hand-crank radio and weather radio. These will make it possible to get news and weather forecasts without a television or a computer. In addition, if your city, work, or school has an emergency text alert system, sign up for it. Do not forget extra batteries and portable phone chargers to keep these devices powered.

2. Follow Your Disaster Recovery Plan

You should always take time to create a disaster recovery plan and regularly update and test it. If an emergency does happen, a thorough disaster recovery plan will keep your company’s IT infrastructure safe and allow you to save and recover information.

3. Keep Warm

Use a towel or blanket to seal the bottoms of doors and windows. Have everyone stay in one room to increase the total amount of body heat and light a few candles. This should work for about 48 hours. For a longer-term solution, use a wood stove or fireplace. Always remember to have a fire extinguisher close by when using open flames.

4. Conserve Water

As soon as the power goes out, fill your washing machine, bathtub, and sink or fill up buckets with water. This water can be used for personal cleansing and flushing the toilet.

5. Work Together

Join your neighbors and other nearby family and friends to make the time without power go smoother. Each person can use their skills and talents to benefit the group, and everyone can pool supplies together and share.

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