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Preparing Your Business for an International Launch

Going international could be a significant risk that has severe blowback when not done right. Therefore, you need to think twice before deciding that it is time to push for an international launch of your business. You are trying to attract a different group of people this time, and you cannot use the same approach that worked domestically. Determine why you are making this move Before you decide to go international, you need to ask yourself if it is necessary. You might already be doing

How to Organize a Group Tour

Are you in charge of running a group and you need to get them from one city to another for a group tour? If you take your responsibilities seriously, this can be quite a job. You will need to definitely do some planning and get lots of things set long before you hit the road. If this is not your forte and you don’t know where to start, you are in luck. Because whether you're planning a group tour for your class, sports team, church group, or extended family, this post will outline what you

New Business Opportunities In The Cannabis Industry

Change is happening in the global cannabis industry. With Canada joining several US states in creating a legal market for cannabis, business is quickly reshaping how consumers buy and consume cannabis, from reinventing storefronts to developing new products such as cannabinoid-based beverages and more. How is business innovating in this emerging industry and how can you become a part of it?

The most obvious area for opportunity has come in the form of retail. With Canadian provinces like B.C.

The Perks of Using a Serviced Office to Launch Your New Zealand Startup

Many of the distinctive qualities which make up the New Zealand personality also have a key role when it comes to shaping their attitudes to business. For example, Kiwis are notoriously laid back. They are keen to avoid conflict, particularly at work, and they combine a thirst for independence with a need for support and community.

This balance between autonomy and collaboration is what drives creative and corporate minds in New Zealand. It is a great foundation for micro businesses start-up