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Update Your 6s With A Stylish Phone Skin

The designers at Apple probably think they were pushing the boundaries when it came to their iPhone 6s. Admittedly, it’s the most distinct phone compared to the previous generations as the silver, grey, gold, and rose offer more choice than other models. But to the average user, this still isn’t much choice, especially when you take into account the 13 million people who own a 6s. Even if each colour variant sold in equal amounts that would mean 3.25 million people have the exact same phone as

Why is a lanyard card holder best for your ID Card?

Security is incredibly important for many businesses and having ID cards is an ideal way of keeping this in check. This means that people will need card holders for their ID’s and supplying them with holders attached to lanyards is very convenient as they can hold it around their neck. Whether you are holding an event and need your stewards wearing ID cards, or you work in the health service and want to make sure the staff are all identifiable, there are plenty of uses for ID cards and their

How to get designer handbags for half the price

With a new year upon us, you have taken a good look through your wardrobe and you have decided that a number of pieces are in dire need of an update. One of those accessories includes your current handbag, which has certainly seen better days, as it is so ragged that you can't pull off even the poor chic look with it anymore. You need a new piece to complete your outfit for when you head out on the town, whether it be for a high-powered business meeting or a night of dinner, drinks and dancing.

How to choose the right handbag for the right occasion

Handbags are an essential part of the modern woman's fashion ensemble, with the right combination of bag, dress and event making a big impact on everyone around them. In addition to looking good and impressing people, certain handbags also offer functionality that will allow its owner to enter any one of these social situations with confidence as well as flair. Below, we will outline how to choose the right handbag, with these tips being ones that your everyday gal may find themselves within