Why is a lanyard card holder best for your ID Card?

A lanyard card holder is the best solution for your staff ID issues

Security is incredibly important for many businesses and having ID cards is an ideal way of keeping this in check. This means that people will need card holders for their ID’s and supplying them with holders attached to lanyards is very convenient as they can hold it around their neck.

Whether you are holding an event and need your stewards wearing ID cards, or you work in the health service and want to make sure the staff are all identifiable, there are plenty of uses for ID cards and their holders. Having your staff display their ID cards with a lanyard holder gives you better security and gets your logo out there.

These are great for security to identify people but also for buildings with automated systems which let the staff swipe in and out. Having ID cards manages access to certain premises and there is a lot of demand for them these days. More often than not these days you are more likely to see a lanyard around someone’s neck than a tie, they are that frequently worn.

If you are looking for the ideal lanyard card holder then you will find it with a reputable supplier online who can send them to you in bulk if you need. You can get lanyards made as well which have your business name or logo on them so that you can get your branding out there, meaning you kill two birds with one stone with these ID holders.

Many companies choose to get custom printed lanyards as this personalisation means that your name is out there and you can identify your staff easily. There is a lot of demand for these at the moment and plenty of companies who have stepped up to the plate to offer customers the ideal lanyards.

Card holders can come in rigid plastic form, which also come in many colours, as well as a soft vinyl version. This means that you can choose the right card holder for the type of ID cards you have, whether it is temporary paper ones for people visiting your premises on a temporary basis, or hard ID cards for regular visitors and permanent staff.

Lanyards are most people’s preferred option as these can be worn around the neck and never left behind – there is nothing worse than realising you need access to an area or building and that your card holder is back at your desk or at home. Having a lanyard so you can keep it on your person at all times is the best solution to mishaps like this.

Personalised lanyards are easy and quick to make and can be made at very little cost for events or in bulk for your company. Whether it’s dyed in your company colour or stamped with the image of your brand you’ll be able to design something with the supplier that suits perfectly.

Make life easy for you and your staff with lanyards for ID cards, and help your company, event or premises stay secure.