Which NFC team will have the toughest season in 2015?

Teams in the NFC arguably have some of the toughest schedules in pro football. The conference has so many talented players that practically every team will face tough games in 2015. These three teams, however, probably have the most difficult schedules.

San Francisco 49ers


 Which NFC team will have the toughest season in 2015? The 49'ers are a leading contender in this category...

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The 49ers not only have one of the toughest schedules in the NFC; they face one of the most difficult schedules in the whole NFL.

San Francisco is going to get hit hard early in the season while playing against powerhouses like the Cardinals and the Packers in back-to-back games. The team already got pummeled by the Steelers during the September 20th game that resulted in an 18-43 loss.

If the 49ers can make it through the rest of the season without losing too many players to injuries, then it will be a team fully prepared for championship games. Unfortunately, that’s a big if. There’s a good chance that the early season could wear them out so thoroughly that the players just won’t have enough steam left to face the Cardinals, Bears, and Bengals in the latter half of the season.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have a 2015 schedule that’s similar to those of the Seahawks and 49ers. So far, though, the Cards have been able to pull off two wins against the Saints and the Bears. Those wins could show that Arizona has the talent needed to face any adversity. Then again, the Cardinals have some pretty ugly competitions later in the season. The real test will come when they face off against the 49ers, Steelers, Packers, and Bengals.

The Cardinals have a difficult season ahead of them, but this is a tough team with a lot of talent. You should definitely consider Arizona for weekly NFL picks. You can keep up with the team’s progress on Doc Sports to make decisions based on the latest news.

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks won back-to-back NFC championships in 2013 and 2014, so it’s not surprising that they have a difficult year ahead of them.

The Seahawks lost the first games of the season against the Rams and the Packers. The players will really need to get it together if they want to turn that around because the season isn’t going to get any easier. They will have to face the Bengals on October 11th. In November, the Seahawks will battle the Cardinals on the 15th and the 49ers on the 22nd. That will likely leave a lot of the players bruised and sore when they face the Steelers on the 29th.

The Seahawks could use this difficult schedule as an opportunity to build their skills. After all, every team in the NFC West will have to stare down worthy adversaries. How the rest of the season goes will depend on the Seahawks players and management.

Knowing which teams have the toughest seasons in 2015 should help you choose players for your fantasy team. It’s important to pay attention to the latest news, though, since even the smallest mistake can change a team’s chances of success.