Travelling in Australia on a student budget

Everybody should visit the beautiful nation of Australia at least once in their lives. And although being a student means that we might have the time to do this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have the financial resources.

However, if you’ve managed to gather the funds to afford the airfare, then the chances are that you might not have too much left for accommodation, travel or entertainment options. With these tips you can be sure of sampling the best lifestyle in Australia; whether it’s fun festivals, online games, or even some seriously exotic places to stay!

Accommodation ideas

Whilst sleeping on one of Australia’s beautiful beaches might sound like fun, such an option may ultimately prove a little tiring. Thankfully, Australia has a fantastic farming legacy and many farmers are seeking to supplement their incomes by letting out their homesteads as part of schemes like Farm Stay Camping Australia. They have over 150 places to stay across the nation, and even have a handily downloadable app!

Entertainment options

Festivals are always a cost-effective way to see some big names for a modest price, and luckily Australians are into festivals in a big way. Whether you fancy checking out the biggest names in alternative music via the travelling Laneway festival or prefer sampling the best of modern electronic music at the Rainbow Serpent festival in Victoria, you can be guaranteed a great musical experience without the financial pain.

When it comes to gamers, they can keep their skills sharp at a fraction of the cost thanks to the mobile gaming boom that has seen homegrown titles like Real Racing 3 become easily accessible to mobile users. In addition, casino fans can find an authentic simulation of many iconic games such as slots and video poker at the Euro Palace site that features some tempting progressive jackpots to keep you going throughout your Australian excursion!

Getting around

Australia is a huge country, thus providing some challenges when it comes to getting around. But rather than chalking up the air miles, a great way to see the wonderful landscape of Australia at a cut cost can be using the Greyhound Australia bus pass system.

Not only does this mean you can get from A to B with only minimal damage to your budget, but the coaches also provide free Wi-Fi connectivity. This means you can make use of the time you spend travelling: write a few emails to your friends back home or pick up where you left off at the Euro Palace site, even on your mobile! Their range of games is guaranteed to make even the most arduous Australian journey a little more interesting and glamorous!

And with thousands of miles of beautiful beaches to roam, some great barbecue food options to try and the legendary Australian sunshine to enjoy, there’s never been a better time to visit this beautiful country!