What You Should be Looking for When Searching for Quality Motorcycle Equipment

If you have just passed your bike test then you are the beginning of a very exciting journey ahead into the world of motorcycles. First thing is first, you need to go get that first bike, once that is done then your thoughts need to turn to what equipment you are going to buy, there are lots of different pieces of equipment available to you and it is important that you first sort out the necessary pieces from the more luxury purchases. The bare essentials for anyone wishing to hit the road on their bike are a helmet, a pair of gloves, some boots and good quality jacket and trousers.

When buying your motorcycle gear it is important to remember its purpose, safety on the road and keeping you in the best possible physical condition in order to ride to the best of your ability. Here is what you should be looking for in each piece of equipment.

Trousers and Jackets

When it comes to trousers and jackets you should be looking for items that have protective metal or kevlar inserts that will protect your elbows, knees, shoulders and the most important, your spine. The clothing should be lightweight so that it doesn’t give you discomfort, waterproof and more importantly it should fit you well, baggy clothing will make the ride uncomfortable and you should try to avoid this.


The biggest lifesaver at your disposal should you have an accident, helmets are a legal requirement in almost all developed nations and you should take great care when buying one. Try on as many different helmets as you can to ensure that it fits tight and snug, not so tight as to be uncomfortable and not so loose that it moves around. Don’t shirk on the price for a helmet either and don’t buy second hand, if it has been dropped in the past then it could lower its level of protection and you will have no way of finding out until it’s too late.


Investing in a good pair of boots will serve you well, many of them are incredibly durable and can see you through many years before you need to replace them. When looking for a good pair of boots you should make sure that they offer protection not only for your feet and ankles but also for your lower legs. Very often in accidents, motorcycle users can find their legs trapped underneath the motorbike or suffer injuries to their legs through a side on collision. You can minimize the damage that is caused with a sturdy pair of boots.


Gloves can also be tricky to get right, you want them to offer your fingers and hands a strong amount of protection whilst at the same time being flexible enough so that you can ride your bike. Once again, it is worth investing good money into a pair of gloves, they will not only protect your hands from the extremities but also from injury should you fall. When you fall from the bike your body’s natural reaction is to put your hands out and the idea of hitting the ground with bare flesh doesn’t bear thinking about. Get some supple gloves with knuckle protection to ensure that you’ll be safe out there.